Wounds "II (Decay)" CASSETTE

Wounds "II (Decay)" CASSETTE

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ARTIST: Wounds
TITLE: II (Decay)

STYLE: Atmospheric Black Metal, Experimental
LABEL: Static Tension

Limited edition of 100 copies.

Side A
1.     ...     02:58      
2.     Exit, Human Life     05:22      
3.     Desert of Black Omens / Dead and Wandering     03:29      
4.     Despondent Trails of My Isolation and Decay     10:01      
5.     Spiritual Entrapment (Revisiting My Place of Death)     09:09      
6.     Draining...     03:08      

Side B
7.     As a Wraith I Haunt These Desolate Woods     06:16      
8.     Wandering the Hills of Misery and Putrefaction     09:05      
9.     Impaled on Diseased Branches     04:50      
10.     Treachery and Fear Among the Pines (This Forest Has No End)     06:02      
11.     When the Earth Consumes All Flesh     04:49    

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