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Abazagorath "Disciples of Sacrilege" CASSETTE TAPE

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ARTIST: Abazagorath
TITLE: Disciples of Sacrilege
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Eternal Death

Formed in 1995, ABAZAGORATH is one of the first and longest lasting bands of the United States Black Metal movement. This release is a compilation of songs from various releases throughout their over 20 year career recorded live in the studio in 2016 with their current line up. A good gateway for new listeners to be exposed to some of the bands highlights from their extensive catalog as well as a fresh take on old gems for their core followers over the years. Cassette tape offers the perfect venue for one of the best releases in the bands prolific history. -DIE FUCKING HARD!

1. Rites Of The Black Herald    
2. Ancient Steel    
3. Beyond The Veils Of Obscurity    
4. Death Hammer    
5. Visions Of Azrael    
6. Lifeless    
7. In The Heart Of A Dying Star    
8. Immortals    
9. Buried In Hell

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