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Absurd "Asgardsrei" CD

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ARTIST: Absurd
TITLE: Asgardsrei
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: IG Farben

Pressing by IG Farben Germany for Russian Territory with Russian lyrics. Originally recorded in 1998. Remastered & remixed in 2012. Special version for Russian speaking countries...

Conceived as camouflage for No Colours Records in 1999, when "Asgardsrei"-MCD of Absurd was released for the first time. IG Farben Produktion was established as independent entity subsequently, to be specialized in "NSBM".

Their lyrics concern nationalistic, pagan, pro-heathen revivalist Germanic, and anti-Judeo-Christian themes.

1 Intro: Marsch Zur Neuen Kunst     2:37
2 Asgardsrei     3:47
3 Als Die Alten Jung Noch Waren     2:56
4 Crux Gammata     4:09
5 Tod Vor Sonnenaufgang     2:52
6 Leben Ist Krieg, Krieg Ist Leben     4:21
7 Germanien Uber Alles     10:39
8 Fur Germanien     2:48
9 Sonnenritter     12:06

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