DARK HORIZON RECORDS 2023 re-issue of the cult split album "Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance" which was our 4th release on the label and originally pressed in 1999. This album features the first and second official releases for BLACK WITCHERY, and the first official release for CONQUEROR.

Florida's BLACK WITCHERY let loose 7 arrows of Harsh Unholy Barbaric War Metal, including a cover of "DEMONIAC" in tribute to the mighty Canadian Ross Bay Cult BLASPHEMY. This is the bands most harsh, ugly, and evil material ever released and to many the best work produced by BLACK WITCHERY. Included on this version is the "Summoning Of Infernal Legions" 7" EP tracks from 1998!

The legendary "ANTI-CHRIST SUPERIORITY" demo by Canada's Ross Bay Cult CONQUEROR completes this allegiance. CONQUEROR delivers non-stop pure musical chaos in the form of aural artillery shells! No pretty melodies! Total Fucking War!

Canada's BLASPHEMY were responsible for being one of the first bands and innovators within the sub-genre known as "War Metal" (Richard C and Wild Rags Records should be acknowledged as well as Herve and Osmose Productions). Without BLASPHEMY there would be no BLACK WITCHERY or CONQUEROR, or REVENGE! The influence of the Canadian genre innovators BLASPHEMY is monumental in the creation of these two artists as well as many "War Metal" bands that have come after!

1. BLACK WITCHERY - Unholy Vengeance of War 03:50
2. BLACK WITCHERY - Black Witching Metal 04:11
3. BLACK WITCHERY - Summoning of Infernal Legions 05:32
4. BLACK WITCHERY - Into Damnation Eternal 03:18
5. BLACK WITCHERY - Demoniac **BLASPHEMY cover 02:49
6. BLACK WITCHERY - Destruction of the Holy Kingdom Which Spawned The Cursed Trinity Of God* (Bonus Track)
7. BLACK WITCHERY - Summoning Of Infernal Legions* (Bonus Track)
8. CONQUEROR - Chaos Domination (Conquer The Enslaver) 06:21
9. CONQUEROR - Hammer of Anti-Christ 02:42
10. CONQUEROR - Domitor Invictus 06:05
11. CONQUEROR - Command For Triumph 04:42

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