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Behemoth "...From The Pagan Vastlands" CD

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ARTIST: Behemoth
TITLE: ...From The Pagan Vastlands
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Sombre Music

Limited Edition Import from South America!

The beginning of the well-known band called BEHEMOTH began with pure, BATHORY inspired Black Metal songs like "The Dance Of The Pagan Flames" or "Fields Of Haar-Meggido". Cold, Frostbitten and Epic song structures meld with fast aggressive outbursts and create a unique, raw and yet unmistakable atmosphere. Released September 1994. Early Wave True Black Metal!

1. From Hornedlands To Lindesfarne 5:59
2. Thy Winter Kingdom 5:20
3. Summoning (Of The Ancient Ones) 4:58
4. The Dance Of The Pagan Flames 4:01
5. Blackvisions Of The Almighty 4:52
6. Fields Of Haar-Meggido 6:38
7. Deathcrush - Cover (Mayhem*) 3:22

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