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Behemoth "The Return Of The Northern Moon" CD

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ARTIST: Behemoth
TITLE: The Return Of The Northern Moon
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Sombre Records

Limited Edition Import from South America!

The beginning of the well-known band called BEHEMOTH began with pure, BATHORY inspired Black Metal. Following in the tradition of early wave Black Metal. Fire Breathing on the cover... Cold, Frostbitten and Epic songs on the inside! First Released in 1993 on tape by the Polish Label PAGAN RECORDS. This is Black Metal!

1 ...Of My Worship (Intro)     1:35
2 Summoning Of The Ancient Gods     6:07
3 The Arrival     0:57
4 Dark Triumph     5:24
5 Monumentum (Intro)     1:17
6 Rise Of The Blackstorm Of Evil     6:02
7 Aggressor (Hellhammer Cover)     3:33
8 Goat With A Thousand Young     3:08

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