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Bloodphemy "Bloodline" CASSETTE TAPE

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ARTIST: Bloodphemy
TITLE: Bloodline
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Dawning Septic Productions

We have copies 29 - 33 of 50 total professional pressed copies by Canada's DAWNING SEPTIC PRODUCTIONS. Pressed on CD by Sleazy Rider Records.

Brutal old school death metal from the Netherlands combining speed, aggression & heaviness with catchy riffing and flesh tearing solos! Bloodphemy rise above most bands of this nature with out being typical or predictable and create an impressive result in song writing! For the first time on pro-tape along with new artwork, this is a limited hand numbered edition of only 50 copies! Each tape comes with a sticker of the new front cover art.

1. Void 04:11
2. Blood Will Tell 04:01
3. Sides 03:52
4. Infanity 04:01
5. Madness 03:26
6. Soulmate 03:59
7. Obsessed 04:26
8. Annihilation 03:16
9. Contravene 05:32

Side B
Repeat of side 1

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