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Bloodphemy "In Cold Blood" CASSETTE TAPE

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ARTIST: Bloodphemy
TITLE: In Cold Blood
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Dawning Septic Productions

Only one copy in stock! A very limited promotional copy sent to labels and distros!!!

A new offering from Bloodphemy! The boys are back with an even heavier axe to the skull served with blood & bones on a cold plate of total death!!! Continuing their old school death metal style this band seems to just get better and better! This comes with a 2" x 4" vinyl sticker of the cover art!

1 Psycotic Breakdown 1:08
2 Spree Killing 4:01
3 Bloodline 4:25
4 A Barbarous Murder 4:36
5 Mental Atrophy 3:55
6 S.P.E. 3:12
7 Out of the Box 3:54
8 Chamber of Horrors 3:36
9 Worship Me 4:34
10 L'umo Delinquente 3:58

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