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Year: 2018 | SKU: DHR039 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: In Stock

Year: 2018 | SKU: DHR038 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: In Stock
Demonic Temple "Incrementum" Jewel Case CD
4" x 4" Logo & Sigil Vinyl Sticker
3" x 3" Dark Horizon Records Logo Vinyl Sticker

The Second official release by Poland's DEMONIC TEMPLE titled "INCREMENTUM". An album of growth and expansion for this Polish Black Metal enigma. "INCREMENTUM" is not only memorable it submerges the listener into a cold, expansive, dynamic landscape filled with occult themes that resonate our mortal insignificance. Honest and pure Black Metal with Production and mastering by M of No Solace, MGLA, Kriegsmaschine. DEMONIC TEMPLE are a musical entity that will be appreciated by those who are passionate about depth and complexity while maintaining an organic, orthodox and atmospheric sound production.

If you find the atmospheres set by early MGLA appealing then DEMONIC TEMPLE are sure to enlighten. A path traversed by only a few great bands of the genre! ~Lord Typhus (Owner DHR)~

1. Mystical Wind (Black Light)
2. Sanctus Ignis
3. Hymn To Pan
4. Manifest of Lightning Souls
5. Devotion for the Serpent Glory
6. Transformation Path

Year: 2017 | SKU: DHR037 | Format: DIGI CD, GATEFOLD LP, TAPE, SHIRT | Availability: In Stock
FORNICUS carve an original and interesting new path within the stone walls of the Black Metal / War Metal genres. As harsh and primal as Black Witchery or Revenge yet more elevated, refined and focused. This relentless Black Metal band morph thrash elements with excellent guitar leads into their songs. "Hymns Of Dominion" seeps with hatred, vengeance, ugliness and praise for the philosophy one can only find within the light of Lucifer! FORNICUS are a band that emits an honest and true homage to their predecessors without becoming a mockery. Memorable and razor sharp this album should not be ignored! A knife to the heart of today's so called "Modern" Black Metal.

Track List:
1. Conjuring The Adversary 00:48
2. Duodecad Aflame 03:40
3. Feast For Rats 02:10
4. Searing The Scourge Of Christendom 06:36
5. Martyrs (Destroyers Of Divinity) 05:47
6. Hordes Of The Abyss 04:31
7. Wake Of The Churning Depths 04:19
8. Woeful Oppressor 04:37
9. Blessed By His Holy Jism 02:36
10. Kill Yourselves, Kill Each Other 03:24
11. Nyctophiliac 04:30
12. At The Throng of Nihility* (Unreleased)
13. Kill Yourselves, Kill Each Other* (Rehearsal)
14. Feast For Rats* (Rehearsal)

Year: 2017 / 2018 | SKU: DHR036 | Format: DIGI CD, JEWEL CD, SHIRT | Availability: In Stock
OBSCURE DEVOTION have released so far 3 studio albums, of which the newest is the monolithic "UBI CERTA PAX EST". We are in fact facing a multifaceted reality which has been able to channel in its new opus an outstanding and intriguing mix of black, death and post! By rejecting the idea to fall into abused solutions, the band delivers in full an opus which is daring and experimental. Fueled by a pure "Italian approach" to extreme music, OBSCURE DEVOTION set their path for a personal and unique interpretation of the genre. An album which will take you on a violent journey through death and rebirth! Prepare yourselves to find the place "where peace is assured"! Another amazing release Dark Horizon Records are proud to offer you! Worthy of the attention of those dark souls interested in music that scars your soul while illuminating your mind.
Artwork by ANIMVS.
Logo by C. Szpajdel (Lord of Logos).
Track List:
1. Meet The Sorrow 01:05
2. Ubi Certa Pax Est 07:26
3. Burning Blades Of Frozen Tears 06:53
4. Dreaming A Dead Home 04:58
5. The Sign Of Pain 06:09
6. On Butterfly Wings 07:45
7. Arrivederci pt. 1 02:39
8. Arrivederci pt. 2 02:10
9. Beyond The Flesh 06:17
10. Last Embrace 02:16

Year: 2015 | SKU: DHR035 | Format: JEWEL CD, SHIRT | Availability: In Stock

Limited to 500 copies through Dark Horizon Records, 250 copies through Horror Pain Gore Death & 250 Copies through the band.

HOLOCAUSTUM hold high the banner of old School Death Metal, while interweaving an atmosphere of razor sharp Black Metal on their album "In The Fields They Bled". Unleashing upon mankind eight ominous tracks of Caustic and Brutal Death Metal. HOLOCAUSTUM present waves of memorable aural dark assualt, brutal pummeling vocals, artillery blast drumming with piercing sophisticated guitar riffs and solos.

This vicious album was mastered by Dan Swano (Bloodbath, Dark Funeral, Incantation, Dawn, Marduk, God Dethroned, Novembers Doom and so many other bands.) at Unisound Studio. Recorded and Mixed by John "Andy" Newton (Typhus, Holocaustum,) at DHR Studio. Drums recorded at SOS Studios Chicago by AKSMITH (Macabre).

Track List:
1. Can You Not Smell The Stench?
2. In The Fields They Bled
3. Remnants of The Dead
4. Harvesting The Horde
5. Atrocities of War
6. Pulverizing Your Cadaver
7. Bring Forth The Flesh
8. Am I Not Merciful?

Year: 2011 | SKU: DHR034 | Format: JEWEL CD, SHIRT | Availability: In Stock

The debut album (demo) from HOLOCAUSTUM will pummel you with a dark and ominous atmosphere. "CRAWLING THROUGH THE FLAMES OF DAMNATION" is raw blackened death metal, with haunting solos, brutal vocals and gritty underground production. Inspired by old school death metal and interweaving grim black metal riffs capturing a feeling of despair and gloom.

Track List:
1. The Putrid Race 05:17
2. Crawling Through The Flames of Damnation 06:33
3. Manifestation Within The Ethereal Plane 04:08
4. Buried Alive 03:40
5. Prepare For Butchery 05:40
6. Sacrificial Chamber of Blood 04:51
7. As The Empire Falls 05:53
8. Funeral Song 04:49

Year: 2010 - 2021 | SKU: DHR033 | Format: DIGIBOOK CD, LP, SHIRT | Availability: In Stock

TYPHUS return with their potent and fierce second full length album "GRAND MOLESTERS OF THE HOLY TRINITY". An arrow to the heart of Jesus Christ and his feeble followers. True enlightenment for those who worship at the altar of Black Metal and TYPHUS! Disgusting and blasphemous to all others! TYPHUS emanate Evil, hatred, darkness, blasphemy, loss and hopelessness. A sound track to your suicide!

Track List:
1. In The Image of Our Master
2. We Burn Your Churches To The Ground
3. Smear The Blood Upon The Pentagram
4. Triumvirate of Incest, Lust and Greed
5. My Throne In The Kingdom Of Hell
6. Bound By Satanic Decree
7. Black Spells of Satanic Witchcraft
8. Baptizing Flames of Satan
9. Fuck Your God!

Year: 2008 | SKU: DHR032 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out
SPIRITUAL DECAY are old school, raw, ugly, primitive, brutal and sometimes melodic doom death metal. "CLOSER TO THE GRAVE" most definitely draws influence from classic acts such as Autopsy, Mortician, Deceased, Decomposed (NY), Obituary... Yet SPIRITUAL DECAY craft eclectic obscure music that is truly their own. Recorded at Ensomber Room studio in one live take. SPIRITUAL DECAY have created an album with a pure demo sound that is a reminiscent reflection from the time of the cassette demo trading days. Only for Eccentric, raw and primitive metal's most die hard fans.

Track List:
1. Cemetery Suicide 03:58
2. Dead Trained Soldier 06:14
3. Mass Destruction 04:36
4. Steer 05:01
5. Dig Your Own Grave 05:59
6. Tormented 08:03
7. Madness 07:37

Year: 2008 | SKU: DHR031 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: In Stock

From deep in the basement of our lab brews a strange concoction of horror metal, thrash and punk... THE LURKING CORPSES second album "LUST FOR BLOOD" and first for DHR will rip the flesh off your bones and you will Scream and Scream Again as you are Waiting To Die. Classic Horror Themes set to a killer soundtrack of influential punk, metal and thrash riffs along with Horror Shrieks that will wake the dead. Dark, sinister and filled to the brim with influence from underground legends such as MERCYFUL FATE, SAMHAIN, MISFITS and DANZIG. You will bare the Mark of The Devil once you have been abducted and tortured by Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul and his unforgettable horror shriek! He Kills Night After Night, so you better Accept This Sacrifice in Homage!

Now signed to HELLS HEADBANGERS! HHR have re-issued this classic DHR album with an enhanced layout in 2017! First layout was created in house at DHR by Evil Priest under the approval of the band lead man Shane Von Ghoul.

Here is the HHR press release:
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a timely reissue of THE LURKING CORPSES' cult second album, "Lust for Blood." One of the most unique entities in the metal/punk underground, for over 15 years now, this Indiana-based cult has created a completely singular sound which incorporates thrashing, horror-obsessed metal and spooky, anthemic punk rock, all crucially topped with a tongue-in-cheek mix of sex, violence, and good, old-fashioned horror-flick gore. It's 1950s B-movie fuzz 'n' scuzz that's equal parts MERCYFUL FATE, SAMHAIN, THE MISFITS, and DANZIG, and nowhere is it more fully realized - and FUN - as on "Lust for Blood." Out of print for many years, longtime supporters HELLS HEADBANGERS make this mini-classic widely available once again on CD format. Whether you're a dead girl or werewolf queen, into nun vomit or goblin fire, waiting to die or wanting an orgy in the mausoleum, look no further than THE LURKING CORPSES' "Lust for Blood"!

Track List:
1. Orgy In The Mausoleum 02:37
2. Goblin Fire 02:36
3. We Are Vampires 02:16
4. Dead Girl 03:08
5. Into The Crypt 02:56
6. Mark of The Devil 03:39
7. Scream And Scream Again 02:15
8. Werewolf Queen 03:18
9. Nun Vomit 02:11
10. Caroline 01:57
11. She Said Goodbye 02:41
12. Graveyard Devourment 04:59
13. Waiting To Die 04:55
14. He Kills Night After Night 02:55
15. The Beckoning 02:52
16. Death Train 02:51
17. Lust For Blood 01:43
18. Witchcult '77 02:56
19. Oh Sherry (Creature of The Night) 02:06
20. Something Wicked This Way Comes 04:31

Year: 2007 | SKU: DHR030 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: In Stock

ALGONKIAN MYTHOS the debut album from NECHOCHWEN is modern Native American Dark Neo-Folk acoustic music. The album consists of ten tracks that focus on real people and real events involving Eastern Woodland Indian tribes in eighteenth century America. While some may categorize this as relaxing neo-folk music the listener might occasionally smell wood smoke and feel that someone is pointing a flintlock to his head while listening to it. Acoustic and classical guitars blend with chants and percussion to create a morose and aggressive new sound in dark classical music.

The Monumental album ALGONKIAN MYTHOS is a dedication to the Native American roots and heritage of NECHOCHWEN. The listener will embark on an illuminating journey of the soul set to an epic soundtrack of glorious classical neo folk. Each song portrays and emanates a somber soul wrenching story that will induce self reflection...

"These songs are about things that actually happened to real people, horrifically sad and gut-wrenching things that, if understood, are just as brutal as the rest of your roster". ~Nechochwen

"Algonkian Mythos" is an outgrowth of my own quest to find my roots. Family stories of my Native ancestors led me to investigate history books, historical narratives, and genealogical resources. Indeed these relatives were American Indians, but their tribal affiliations seemed to be assimilated along with many of their ways of life. (Fortunately, I have had a lot of my questions answered in the ten years since I recorded this album). Their blood now flows in my veins, constantly urging me to seek earth wisdom. This journey officially began when I was 15, when a friend gave me the Lenni Lenape name Nechochwen, which means "He who walks alone". It was only natural that the mythos of the Eastern Woodland Indians of which I was learning would manifest itself through my other passion, music. There is no central theme to Algonkian Mythos; it is just my attempt to paint musical scenes of Native events that inspire, anger, or sadden me. I hope it somehow will transport you to another time and place." ~Nechochwen

Track List:
1. A Blistering Fusilade 00:52
2. Fallen Timbers 04:44
3. Algonkian Mythos 05:27
4. Coffin of The Flesh 02:44
5. Talgayeeta 03:59
6. Gnadenhutten 03:56
7. Cut-ta-ho-tha 03:52
8. Pilawah 01:59
9. Nilu-Famu 03:30
10. West Across the Missi-theepi 03:48

Year: 2006 | SKU: DHR029 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out

The second of two releases for Dark Horizon Records "MARRAS" is actually the first full length album from M. Lehto and his OCTOBER FALLS. One will enter a dreamlike state that will paint the visual images of rolling hills, dark forests, streams, steep waterfalls, the smell of fire, smoke and the feeling of loosing oneself within nature. When listening to the music of OCTOBER FALLS you are swept away on a tide of sombre melancholy induced by the entrancing well crafted acoustic guitar passages and atmosphere by M Lehto. An excellent follow up to the debut "TUONI" EP release. DHR are honored to help open the path of enlightenment with the release of OCTOBER FALLS triumphant debut album MARRAS as a tool to envelope your consciousness.

Originally released on CORVUS RECORDS (Bulgaria) as JEWEL CASE CD & DIGIPAK CD / IROND RECORDS (Russia) as JEWEL CASE CD / DHR (USA) as JEWEL CASE CD / And now currently reissued as bonus material on the DOUBLE CD "Kaarna" which contains both "Tuoni" & "Marras" out now on DEBEMUR MORTI (France).

Track List:
1. Marras Part I 06:16
2. Marras Part II 03:50
3. Marras Part III 03:18
4. Marras Part IV 01:56
5. Marras Part V 03:17
6. Marras Part VI 04:00
7. Marras Part VII 04:11
8. Marras Part VIII 05:12

Year: 2006 | SKU: DHR028 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out

Dark Horizon ventures deep into the primeval forests of Finland to bring you the OCTOBER FALLS "TUONI" (Mini Album). The first of two releases by OCTOBER FALLS for Dark Horizon Records. This is magical and emotional music played with incredible musicianship and passion. A sound long since abandoned by many similar artists yet continued to this day by current groundbreaking artists such as TENHI, EMPYRIUM or NECHOCHWEN. Described as dark classical, neo-folk, bleak acoustic music and dark folk played with acoustic instruments. OCTOBER FALLS display a sound of duality within this album that is tranquil and uplifting while also enveloping the listener within soundscapes of foreboding loss, isolation and depression. Listen and let OCTOBER FALLS take your mind into the dark forests never to be the same again upon return.

Originally released on DHR for one pressing on Jewel CD and now currently reissued as bonus material on the DOUBLE CD "Kaarna" which contains both "Tuoni" & "Marras" out now on DEBEMUR MORTI.

Track List:
1. The Quite Shores 03:14
2. Usher 01:59
3. Tuoni 02:59
4. Harvest 01:46
5. Reefs 03:04
6. The Last Drift 02:29
7. As The Mist Unfolds 03:56
8. Epitaph 05:06

Year: 2006 - 2021 | SKU: DHR027 | Format: 7" EP | Availability: Sold Out

TYPHUS and CROWNED IN SEMEN are two of the most blasphemous bands on the planet earth! Together creating an unholy union of epic proportions with this blasphemous sonic attack. Both are now one step closer to pure SATANIC enlightenment with the release of this split EP. TYPHUS offer a single track seething with evil and following in the vein of the debut album "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation. The last official recording from the original TYPHUS line up. CROWNED IN SEMEN (Paul Ledney) spews forth Profanatica / Havohej styled black metal that is resurrected in an even more blasphemous form. A true fist in the face of god and the christian faith.

Track List:
Side A
1. TYPHUS - We Rape The Cunt of The Virgin Mary 05:25

Side B
2. CROWNED IN SEMEN - Fallen Angel of Sodomy 01:32
3. CROWNED IN SEMEN - Tears of Jehovah 02:09
4. CROWNED IN SEMEN - Of Holy Sacrament And Semen 01:27

Year: 2006 | SKU: DHR025 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out
NATASSIEVILA have unleashed the blistering and important album "ITER LETHALIS". As their name states in reverse speech "ALIVE IS SATAN" and they have forged a weapon of furious, hateful and sinister music. NATASSIEVILA lurk hidden in the dark shadows in very close proximity to the Vatican as our weapon to attack the false prophets dogma of blasphemy! We will destroy their Churches, Synagogues and Mosques to bring the philosophy of SATAN to their Children. Yes NATASSIEVILA shine like the fall of the morning star. Honest and pure Black Metal!

Track List:
1. Spectres Realm 04:04
2. Journey To The World of Shadows 04:20
3. Near Death 04:23
4. Beyond Earthly Life 04:36
5. The Cosmic Rule 04:08
6. Torture of The Soul 08:28

Year: 2006 | SKU: DHR024 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out
Dark Horizon Records offers the reissue of the cult album "FROM BEHIND THE LIGHT" by WALLACHIA. The DHR version includes as bonus tracks the classic and long sold out "DEMO 1996". The music of WALLACHIA is dark, ominous and doom laden with a very unique vocal style that hints of death metal. WALLACHIA do not hesitate to include symphonic parts as well as acoustic passages that give one the sensation you are lost within the dark and misty moors close to the Castle Vlad Tepes. Hailing from Norway this is not a band playing the modern or traditional "Norwegian" style of Black Metal, but a creation that is unique and original.

Originally released by VELVET MUSIC of France in 1999 then licensed to DHR for a Jewel case CD repressing with bonus tracks in 2006.
Both versions are SOLD OUT.

Track List:1. The Curse of Poenari 05:23
2. Crucifictional Disinfection 05:16
3. Arges-Riul Doamnei 05:34
4. Skjold Mot Guds Lys 05:41
5. The Last of My Kind 05:01
6. Knus Den Hellige And 06:33
7. Fullmane Over Fagaras 09:49
8. Manifesting The Beast 03:28
9. Fullmane Over Fagaras (Demo 1996) 10:38
10. Skold Mot Guds Lys (Demo 1996) 06:00
11. Arges-Riul Doamnei (Demo 1996) 05:35
12. Knus Den Hellige And (Demo 1996) 07:06

Year: 2005 | SKU: DHR023 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability:In Stock
CRYPTIC are another unique and eccentric blackened death metal band from Indiana. "ONCE HOLY REALM" is oozing with monstrous epic riffs creating atmospheric guitar driven blackened death metal with a bit of old-school death metal thrown in for a few extra broken bones. This album seeps an esoteric mood that creates visions of ancient battles, forgotten empires and freezing cosmic journeys through the infinite void. Another excellent album lost in the waves of metal releases...

~RIP Terry Linn (Vocalist)
~RIP Keeb Sutton (Guitarist)

We send out condolences to the families of Terry Linn & Keeb Sutton. We at DHR will miss you! See you in the endless void!

Track List:
1. Ageless Winds Of War 05:03
2. Battle Of The Ancients 05:08
3. Blood Soaked Memories 06:40
4. Embraced By Darkness 05:12
5. For When The Gods Fail 06:49
6. Once Holy Realm 09:04
7. On To The Gates 05:38
8. Requiem Of Fate 05:09

Year: 2005 | SKU: DHR022 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out
Once again emerging from the forests of the Appalachian Mountains the raw nature inspired Pagan Back Metal band HARVIST delivers "LIGHTNING STORM IN THE VEINS" as the second release by HARVIST for Dark Horizon Records. Meant only to appeal to a select few minimalist woodland occultists HARVIST introduce a more sophisticated writing style while still embracing the raw and primitive essence that band creator Dusk is known for with his HARVIST. Sharing some similarities to ARCKANUM or early BURZUM, HARVIST also creates a nature inspired sonic atmosphere of isolation, gloom and darkness. The "TURMOIL OF THE SEED" EP 2002 promo is included as bonus tracks taking this release to full length and giving the listener a taste of the HARVIST progression from "A GLEAM IN THE NIGHT" to the material you now hear on "LIGHTNING STORM IN THE VEINS". "TURMOIL OF THE SEED" also features Aaron Carey aka NECHOCHWEN on guitar making this one of the most monumental and creative HARVIST releases to date.

Track List:
1. Daybreak on Darkview 05:55
2. Forest Dreaming In My Discontent 03:41
3. A Harvester's Hymn 04:49
4. Defy 03:04
5. Troll's Bane - Water In The Lungs 07:47
6. Turmoil Of The Seed 03:16
7. When Nothing Becomes 06:12
8. The Dawn Will Begin Again 02:48
9. Hollowed (From Within) 05:42

Year: 2005 | SKU: DHR021 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out
New Jersey's NECROBLACKDEATH machine ENGORGE have spewed forth their second album "COLD.BLACK.EJACULATION". Consider yourself warned! ENGORGE give into to the human quality of lust and ejaculate Raw Blackened Death Metal played in the tradition and spirit of first wave with no remorse or consideration for YOU! Flowing within the sonic stream as such bands as BLACK WITCHERY, VON, BEHERIT or BLASPHEMY, ENGORGE offer their ritual to the altar of the master. With (ex ) MORTICIAN & INCANTATION members.

Track List:
1. Intro - Masturbation For Mercy 02:20
2. NecroBlackDeathMachine 04:00
3. Spiked With Lust of Hell 01:47
4. ...Of Demons and Submission... 02:55
5. Kingdom of Blackened Sexual Misanthropy 03:18
6. The God of Disturbance & Friction 03:50
7. Outro - A Winter of Forced Sexual Desires 01:30

Year: 2005 | SKU: DHR020 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out
Hailing from Tilburg Holland, these Dutch death bringers bestow upon us the veiled classic "UNIVERSE OF FILTH". Emitting sonic destruction in the form of fast and violent black metal. Music giving praise to war, death, nihilism and all things destructive to the human flesh, SAURON attack with an album that is sure to level any devote follower. Honoring the non stop aggressive tradition set forth by bands like MARDUK or DARK FUNERAL, it is now SAURON breathing the flames of war and death upon YOU! Humanity is a disease... SAURON are the cure!

Track List:
1. SauroN.Death.Squad 02:14
2. Viral Genocide 04:55
3. Visions Of Murder 06:25
4. The Cancer Above 02:52
5. This World Shall Burn 02:54
6. Compulsion To Kill 05:19
7. The Filth That Breeds 03:52
8. Into Hell 04:24
9. Universe Turned Necropolis 01:54

Year: 2005 - 2020 | SKU: DHR019 | Format: JEWEL CD, GATEFOLD LP, PICTURE LP, TAPE, SHIRT | Availability: Sold Out
TYPHUS rise forth from the depths of hell and attack with their debut album "PROFOUND BLASPHEMOUS PROCLAMATION". Striking out against the book of lies as well as the false prophets soothsaying which held so many unfulfilled promises. TYPHUS are the nails to be used to crucify jesus christ the second time around! TYPHUS represent SATAN, Vile Hatred, Evil Perversion, Blasphemy, Death and Destruction with one goal... the humiliation, mockery and complete eradication of the christian religion and its sheep like followers! Join the new world order created under the banner of TYPHUS! COLD MINIMALIST NARROW MINDED Black Metal! This album will satisfy those who immerse themselves in the tradition of TRUE black metal!

Track List:
1. Perverse Angelic Masturbation Ejaculation 03:35
2. Coprophagic Communion Upon The Holy Alter 04:01
3. Anal Rape Of The Virgin Mary 04:54
4. Typhus Shits In The Mouth Of Christ 04:31
5. Black Cum Upon The Faces Of Angels 06:54
6. Profound Blasphemous Proclamation 07:19
7. Ritual Semen Sacrement 03:35
8. Satanic GoatFuckLust 05:12
9. Your Savior Caught Drinking The Piss Of The Apostles 06:24

Year: 2005 | SKU: DHR018 | Format: 7" EP | Availability: Sold Out
ABIGOR need no introduction and DHR were honored when we were approached and given the opportunity to release Shockwave 666 7" EP for this well known, eccentric and controversial band from Austria. Featuring special track re-mixes by Peter Kubik which made it perfect for a limited collectable vinyl release. The first track DAWN OF HUMAN DUST contains the traditional sound of ABIGOR in the form of Grim, Cold, Black Metal and taken from the album "CHANNELING THE QUINTESSENCE OF SATAN". The second track is a dark and experimental futuristic re-mix of REPULSOR from the album "SATANIZED". You should expect nothing less than grim from this legacy black metal band from Austria.

Track List:
Side A:
1. Dawn Of Human Dust 05:00

Side B:
2. Repulsor (Pulsar 2003 FX) 05:36


Year: 2004 | SKU: DHR017 | Format: JEWEL CD, LP+Bonus EP | Availability: Sold Out

HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE mesmerize with their sonic grim whirlwinds of frostbitten, eclectic, ice cold Black Metal. The debut album "DANCING DEMONS IN THE GREY-LIT GLADE" is filled with punishing avant-garde songs that are esoteric, diverse and unique. Bleak, haunting and melodic HOTLE will not disappoint those seeking obscurity with a traditional early black metal atmosphere. A project of Luathca and Tophetarath former members of the cult US black metal band FOG. Of the two albums HOTLE have released "DANCING DEMONS IN THE GREY-LIT GLADE" is considered their pinnacle and most prolific material created. Lost within an ocean of obscurity and intended for those seeking an honest and pure CULT Black Metal album.

Track List:
1. In The Service of The Stormlord 06:14
2. Gleaned of Gazes Into The Shadow-Mirror 07:05
3. Nameless Unnamable 10:14
4. ...and Blood Became Snow 04:20
5. Beneath The Veridian Loche 06:10
6. Dreams of The AEmerald Alter 08:38
7. Dancing Demons In The Grey-Lit Glade 06:36
8. Frozen In Death 05:53
9. Anointing of The Sick 05:30


Year: 2003 | SKU: DHR016 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out

ENGORGE are the NECROBLACKDEATH machine! Another pulverizing war metal obscurity filled with a hateful pulverizing black death metal atmosphere with and eccentric raw sound. Dark Horizon Records once again releases a obscure CULT US horde that must be absorbed with multiple listens. If your looking for polished sounding Black Metal with perfect production then look elsewhere! ENGORGE create music directly from the furnaces of Hell and is not for everyone! Die Hard Maniacs only! With (ex) MORTICIAN & INCANTATION members.

Track List:
1. Intro - Channeling The Antichrist To The Breeding Alter 01:28
2. Gravedom Within The Chasm 02:47
3. Traveling The Orcan Fields To The Gates of Seht 02:10
4. Vampiric Blood 03:45
5. Morbid Demons In The Wake of A Sleeping Empire of Angels 02:48
6. Endless Abyss 01:58
7. Rites of Crucifixion 02:39
8. Enchanted By the Battles of Azazel 05:51
9. Legions of The Incubus 03:44
10. Dead..Fuck...Blackness 03:56
11. Outro - Blissful Impregnation of The Lusting Angel of Christ 01:06
12. *Bonus Track - Morte Genesis (Funeral Oration Cover) 04:10
13. **Bonus Track - Intro - NecroDemon...Rising, Eviscerated (Necroinsemination Promo 2001) 02:08
14. **Bonus Track - Morbid Demons In The Wake of A Sleeping Empire of Angels (Necroinsemination Promo 2001) 03:09
15. **Bonus Track - Traveling The Orcan Fields To The Gates of Seht (Necroinsemination Promo 2001) 02:16
16. **Bonus Track - Endless Abyss (Necroinsemination Promo 2001) 02:07
17. **Bonus Track - Rites of Crucifixion (Necroinsemination Promo 2001) 02:51
18.**Bonus Track - Outro - Cursing The Son of God...The Maelestrom (Necroinsemination Promo 2001) 01:15


Year: 2003 | SKU: DHR015 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out

WARKULT create a hybrid of technical blackened thrash infused with war and hate inspired Death Metal. The Pittsburgh based band was compiled of past members of LETHAL PRAYER, HARVIST and DETHRONED. This is the only full length the band ever officially released as they disbanded shortly after the recording of this album. An obscure brutal offering of underground metal for war mongers, elitists and purists.

Track List:
1. Vomit Forth Apocalypse 05:22
2. Dethrone 03:40
3. Intrinsic Decimation 04:45
4. Anti-Human-Anti-Life 01:53
5. Ritual Possession 03:09
6. Endangered Into Predatory 03:15
7. Fist Of War 03:57
8. Blitzkrieg 04:04
9. Iconoclastic Fury 05:25
10. Carrion Lust 03:42
11. As Darkness Falls 05:01


Year: 2003 | SKU: DHR014 | Format: 7" EP | Availability: Sold Out

Australia's ASTRIAAL bestow upon us an illuminating, sophisticated, technical Black Metal vinyl that shines with well crafted and precise black metal. Another shining gem within an ocean of lost and forgotten black metal releases. "THE THRONE TO PERISH" is worshiped by those select few die hard warriors that were lucky to obtain this limited EP. ASTRIAAL usurp the Black Metal throne with these two superior tracks that resonate complete darkness with an authoritative command of presence. Razor sharp guitars, excellent songs and production that create haunting, evil and calculated music that will set the soul ablaze of any devout follower of pure black metal.

Track List:
1. The Throne To Perish 05:37

2. Ode To Antiquity 04:36


Year: 2003 | SKU: DHR013 | Format: 7" EP | Availability: Sold Out

The second and final 7" EP from the Cult US Black Metal band FOG. "From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity" is as epic as it is monumental and ripe with hate driven technical Black Metal drenched in Philosophical Luciferian themes. FOG deliver two tracks of slithering darkness that were to be the last two songs recorded and released by this obscure US Cult.

Track List:
1. From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity 07:50

2. Children To The Wolves 04:38

Year: 2002 | SKU: DHR012 | Format: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out

Dark Horizon Records and the now defunct Realms Of Darkness Productions joined together in conspiracy to release this obscure weapon in 2002. Although this release suffered from a misprinted cover due to low res pixelated artwork supplied to us at the time, DHR & Realms of Darkness decided to release this devastating split in the true raw underground spirit. So do not let the cover fool you! LEAD US INTO WAR AND FINAL GLORY is worth a listen.

First comes Canada's ALLFATHER opening this CD with an onslaught of harsh unrelenting chaos. Fast, dark and aggressive blackened war metal with influence from the likes of ANGELCORPSE, REVENGE or CONQUEROR. ALLFATHER were an often overlooked band at the forefront of this sound from the beginning! Second are Hungary's NEBRON bringing us two tracks of Black Metal played in a cold, grim and traditional melodic vein without trends and somewhat reminding one of early EMPEROR. Third comes HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE from Indiana USA creating a style of black metal that is cold, abrasive, experimental and full of inspiration from the early traditional orthodox black metal conspirators. Fourth up is GNOSTIC from Texas USA attacking your soul with grim, cold, harsh and necro Black Metal poured from the chalice of "TRANSILVANIAN HUNGER" era DARKTHRONE!

Track List:
1. ALLFATHER - Warlust 02:33
2. ALLFATHER - With Glory Unbound 01:40
3. ALLFATHER - Artifice 02:30
4. ALLFATHER - Tyranny Revenge! 01:48
5. ALLFATHER - Ancestral Resurrection 01:44
6. NEBRON - Between Lies and Hypocrites 06:38
7. NEBRON - At The Pagan Aldumas Night 07:56
8. HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE - Within the Scathing Silence of the Withered Shadow Forest 10:34
9. HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE - ...And Blood Became Snow... 04:18
10. HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE - Infinite Frozen Bliss 07:26
11. GNOSTIC - Swinehostess 03:00
12. GNOSTIC - Christened In Blood And Fire 02:05
13. GNOSTIC - Hail To The Fire 02:48
14. GNOSTIC - Dissecting The Heavens 02:58
15. GNOSTIC - Imperial Heretic Allegiance 04:22

Year: 2001 | SKU: DHR011 | Format: JEWEL CD, 10" MLP, TAPE | Availability: Sold Out

Canada's REVENGE are an entity instantly recognized as early creators and or innovators within the now robust "War Metal" genre. Creator and nihilist J.Read describes the band as "SUPERION ATTACK METAL!" Regardless of genre or tags Dark Horizon Records were honored when approached and offered to release their prolific and groundbreaking first EP "ATTACK.BLOOD.REVENGE" in 2001. With this debut exploding into the underground REVENGE are responsible for starting their own sub genre and are an innovative, original and esoteric monster. Founding member J. Read was also involved in the Cult Canadian attack styled "War Metal" band CONQUEROR which DHR also helped propagate. REVENGE however create an aural onslaught that continues in a similar vein not unlike that of the mighty CONQUEROR yet honing their musical barbaric onslaught to the point of extremity that can never be duplicated! Riffs so fucking brutal they exert an image in your mind of militant war machinery grinding and pulverizing YOU! Not for the weak! REVENGE are one of the most extreme bands in the world!

REVENGE have since released material through numerous underground labels eventually ending up signed to the long running OSMOSE Productions France, SEASON OF MIST France and NUCLEAR WAR NOW! USA. REVENGE have appeared at numerous worldwide festival dates and tours as well as an Australian tour with death/thrash legends CORONER. We were honored to support and promote this excellent band from the start! Hails to REVENGE!

Track List:
1. Yabssor Born (Intro) - Blood Of My Blood 05:07
2. Vengeance Absolute 05:01
3. War (Bathory Cover) 02:16
4. Annihilate or Serve 04:09

Year: 2001 | SKU: DHR010 | Format: 7" EP | Availability: Sold Out

Finland's FLAUROS place upon the alter two tracks of cold, technical and cosmic Black Metal. Well executed, unique and original compositions that will impress the most devote follower of the early Black Metal philosophy. While FLAUROS only released an MCD and two 7" EP's during their existence, this DHR vinyl release is their most impressive and some consider it to be the bands most dynamic and best work. ...And once again here we have yet another lost gem within the pages of Black Metal history. This was pressed on transparent blood red vinyl and limited to 666 copies!

Track List:
1. May the Hell Embrace 04:47

2. Child of Vela 06:01

Year: 2001 | SKU: DHR009 | Formats: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out

From the forests of the Appalachian Mountains comes the pagan black metal entity known as HARVIST. This music is meant only for the minds of a select few minimalist woodland meditative occultists. Creating a raw and dynamic approach to what would be considered a primitive esoteric vibration that emanates similarities to early ARCKANUM or early BURZUM. HARVIST truly capture a sonic essence which creates a feeling that inspires the minds eye to envision the dark secrets of nature through that of astral projection, remote viewing or what is considered occult meditation.

Track List:
1. A Gleam In The Night 06:35
2. By Hidden Ponds 04:58
3. The Roost And The Song 07:29
4. Phantom Feelings 08:12
5. Longing For Twilight Essence 05:46
6. Upon Brazen Wings 06:57
7. As Darkness Ends The Day 07:33

Year: 1999 - 2021 | SKU: DHR008 | Formats: DIGIBOOK CD | Availability: Coming Soon

Ukraine's LUCIFUGUM bestow upon us primitive, ugly, raw, grim as well as atmospheric and melodic Black Metal. LUCIFUGUM create an original and interesting musical ritual that can really be compared to no other. Haunting songs that with a pure honesty create a gloomy, apocalyptic and eerie atmosphere. "INSTINCT PREVELANCE" features two of LUCIFUGUM's early tape demos transferred from the original masters. Featuring artwork created by Stabbath (Elena Naumchuk). The first five tracks consist of the "PATH OF WOLF" demo while the last five tracks are taken from the "THROUGH INDIFFERENT SKY" demo. These LUCIFUGUM demos are considered by purists to be monumental and groundbreaking while also being considered to be the bands most prolific material ever created. This is True Black Metal Period!

Track List:
Path Of Wolf
1. On Search of My Soul 03:59
2. Bringing By Rain 04:38
3. The Mysterious Garden (Hymn To The Black Art) 05:28
4. The Sabbat 03:48
5. Wolves 04:26

Through Indifferent Sky
6. The Forest Song 03:23
7. The return to nowhere is 04:10
8. Under The Rustling Branches 04:45
9. To them, the wise and the living 03:25
10. Title Unknown Ritual Ambient Track 06:54

Year: 2000 | SKU: DHR007 | Formats: 7" EP | Availability: Sold Out

Side A consists of the cult US based Black Metal band FOG, delivering a "for vinyl" re-mix of the track "WHISPERED MYTHS OF ANCIENT TIMES". Fast, technical, ice cold Black Metal. Side B presents the acclaimed black metal horde HORNA from Finland letting go a fierce arrow of Unholy Black Metal aimed at the heart of god!

When approached HORNA gave the thumbs up on this split with FOG, however there was some controversy surrounding this release. Lord Typhus guitar player / vocalist of FOG was also owner and label manager of DHR. DHR had arranged the split to be with his band FOG. When the materials arrived from HORNA there was music and artwork from another band to be included as well. Due to limited time for each side when pressing 7" EP's Lord Typhus would have then been forced to up scale the release and increase the budget to press a 10" MLP which would have been the only way to include the third band. Making the tough decision based on budget constraints of the label at the time, Lord Typhus released the split in it's original intended format including just two bands. A great release regardless of rumors, hearsay, or skullduggery!

Track List:
1. FOG - Whispered Myths Of Ancient Times 04:51

2. HORNA - Perima Vihassa Ja Verikostossa 08:03


Year: 2001 - 2021 | SKU: DHR006 | Formats: DIGIBOOK CD | Availability: In Stock

Originally released by WWIII Records (USA) / Ordealis Records (France) and Dark Horizon Records in 2001. FOG delivered a razor sharp, fast, and technical Black Metal album that stands the test of time. "Through The Eyes of Night..." is still as relevant today as it was in 2001 when first released. Lord Typhus delivers diverse lyrical themes that range from ancient warlords and brutal conquerors, to the esoteric "Lovecraft" eternal waking nightmare, as well as psychedelic inspired journeys through Luciferian mythos and the dwelling places of multidimensional entities that lay just beyond our ability to consciously comprehend. Spiritual Alchemy through a well-produced hybrid of technical Black Metal inspired by the early wave as well as Death Metal and Thrash.

Track List:
1. Intro 00:40
2. In Magnificent Glory 07:26
3. By This Axe We Rule 06:28
4. The Leech Within 07:34
5. Whispered Myths of Ancient Times 04:51
6. Through The Eyes of Night Winged They Come 08:30
7. In The Sorrow of A Crimson Sea 06:57
8. The Storm Unholy 07:24
11. Outro 09:37

Year: 2000 | SKU: DHR005 | Formats: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out

The best way to describe LEGION.... Brutal and Devastating American Death Metal. For over 20 years this band has been playing brutal fucking Death Metal and has grown into legend within the Midwest Death Metal scene. Drummer and founding member Dave Dalton has been creating music in the Indiana underground metal scene for over 25 years, since his involvement starting in the late 80's as the drummer for RATZKRIEG another well known and legendary Thrash band from Indiana. LEGION create meticulous and complex Death Metal that pummels with a heaviness and non cliché groove. Yet another eccentric release on DHR...

Track List:
1. Centuries 09:52
2. Predominant Will 05:01
3. Trust In Fate (One's Own Undoing) 04:39
4. Discern 04:34
5. Evergrey 05:20
6. Plague of Indifference 01:01
7. Infested Earth 03:37
8. Curtains 03:15

Year: 1999 | SKU: DHR004 | Formats: JEWEL CD, LP | Availability: Sold Out

Florida's BLACK WITCHERY unleash 5 weapons of Harsh Unholy Barbaric War Metal including the cover of the song DEMONIAC in tribute to the mighty Canadian Ross Bay Cult BLASPHEMY. The legendary "ANTI-CHRIST SUPERIORITY" demo by Canada's Ross Bay Cult CONQUEROR completes this allegiant masterpiece. CONQUEROR delivers non-stop pure musical chaos in the form of sonic waves that will crush your senses. No pretty melodies! No trends! Total Fucking War! DHR were honored to offer the second official release for BLACK WITCHERY and the first official release for CONQUEROR on this cult split album from 1999.

After the massive response and success of "Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance", BLACK WITCHERY decided to leave DHR for more lucrative offers by other labels. After releasing the "War Cult Supremacy" album on Fullmoon Productions, J Read and R Forster parted ways and disbanded CONQUEROR. J Read went on to form REVENGE with DHR releasing the first official REVENGE EP "Attack Blood Revenge" in 2001.

Track List:
1. BLACK WITCHERY - Unholy Vengeance of War 03:50
2. BLACK WITCHERY - Black Witching Metal 04:11
3. BLACK WITCHERY - Summoning of Infernal Legions 05:32
4. BLACK WITCHERY - Into Damnation Eternal 03:18
5. BLACK WITCHERY - Demoniac **BLASPHEMY cover 02:49
6. CONQUEROR - Chaos Domination (Conquer The Enslaver) 06:21
7. CONQUEROR - Hammer of Anti-Christ 02:42
8. CONQUEROR - Domitor Invictus 06:05
9. CONQUEROR - Command For Triumph 04:42


Year: 1998 | SKU: DHR003 | Formats: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out

Hungary's NEBRON spin a dark web of Sophisticated and Technical Black Metal that is reminiscent of the time and sound of "Nightside Eclipse" era EMPEROR. Enchanting and haunting riffs with melodic solos, grim vocals all swirling together within a raw dynamic and atmospheric mix. You will hear music that fills one with despair, emptiness, the feeling of isolation and the black cloud of knowing there is no hope! Transferred from the master demo tape and exuding an underground tape trading sense of dejavu, NEBRON offer another lost, obscured and hidden Black Metal gem worthy of a second listen.

Track List:
1. Intro 02:44
2. Shadows In a Dreamworld 04:03
3. When Horror Creeps In 03:45
4. Black Emperor 03:46
5. Under The Dark Sky 04:28
6. Desolate Forests 05:14
7. A Mysterious Night 05:43
8. Flames of Hate 04:14
9. Lunar Revelations of The Nocturnal Spirits 05:44
10. Waiting For The Rebirth of Avenger 04:28
11. Eternal Solitude 06:00


Year: 1998 | SKU: DHR002 | Formats: 7" EP | Availability: Sold Out

After numerous phone calls, conversations, snail mail correspondence and demo submissions to DHR by Chris aka Impurath to DHR. Lord Typhus impressed by the demos and the philosophy presented, decided to sign this cutting edge band in 1997. At that time the band was named IRREVERENT. Once signed DHR the band changed the name to Witchery, yet after consideration of the Swedish band of the same name, Impurath, Tregenda and Vaz decided on the name BLACK WITCHERY with the intent that this name suited their image and lyrical style the best. Finally, the studio recordings for this now cult and infamous release arrived on the desk of Lord Typhus in late 1997 and in 1998 Dark Horizon Records released BLACK WITCHERY 's debut release in the form of the "SUMMONING OF INFERNAL LEGIONS" 7" EP which was limited to 1000 copies on black vinyl. This EP presented BLACK WITCHERY in their primordial state when the band injected an eerie, atmospheric and melodic element into their extremely harsh and aggressive music. BLACK WITCHERY releases are considered by many to be the most grim and hateful metal music ever to emerge from the US underground. Dark Horizon Records was at the forefront when we released this cutting edge, prolific, Unholy Barbaric War Metal band in 1998. Where were you then? We were worshiping SATAN and raising our Unholy Banner in homage to the Dark!

Track List:
1. Destruction of The Holy Kingdom Which Spawned The Cursed Trinity of God 04:41

2. Summoning of Infernal Legions 06:21

Year: 1998 | SKU: DHR001 | Formats: JEWEL CD | Availability: Sold Out

The first DHR release pressed for Trading and Free give away at the Milwaukee Metal Fest in 1998! "UPON A DARK HORIZON" was compiled by Lord Typhus in 1997 from his mailing list of LP/CD/TAPE trade partners. This long sold out release featured 13 excellent and cult underground bands showcasing early demo and album cuts from scene legends the likes of PRIMORDIAL (Ireland), AETERNUS (Norway), SORHIN (Sweden), WALLACHIA (Norway), NOCTURNAL BREED (Norway), VOMITORY (Holland), HELLWITCH (USA) and more...

1. SORHIN - Nar Helvetet Kallar 03:55
Track taken from the 1997 album "I Det Glimrande Mörkrets Djup" Near Dark Productions

2. THY DARKEST EMPIRE (the band later changed their name to FOG) - In The Sorrow of a Crimson Sea 06:30
Track taken from 1996 Demo “In The Sorrow of a Crimson Sea"

3. NAGELFAR - Seelenland 05:49
Track taken from the 1997 album "Hünengrab im Herbst" Kettenhund Records

4. HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE - And The Moon Was As Blood 04:10
Track taken from 1996 HOTLE Demo.

5. AETERNUS - Waiting For The Storms 05:58
Track taken from the 1995 EP "Dark Sorcery" View Beyond Records

6. MUDANUS IMPERIUM - Ode To The Nightsky 05:07
Track taken from the 1997 EP "Ode to the Nightsky" Impure Creation Records

7. NOCTURNAL BREED - Maggot Master 05:37
Track taken from the 1997 album "Aggressor" Hammerheart Records

8. VOMITORY - Through Sepulchral Shadows 04:59
Track taken from the 1996 album "Raped In Their Own Blood" Fadeless Records

9. WALLACHIA - Arges - Riul Doamnei 05:33
Track taken from the 1997 EP "Wallachia" Velvet Music International

10. BETHEL - Trimuph For The Lost Azure 07:04
Track taken from the 1997 Demo "Northern Supremacy" Ominous Records

11. HELLWITCH - Anthropophagi 06:56
Track taken from the 1994 Demo "Anthropophagi" self release

12. LEGION - Plague Of Indifference 05:18
Track taken from 1997 Demo self release

13. PRIMORDIAL - Infernal Summer 06:11
Track taken from the 1995 album "Imrama" Cacophonous Records

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