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Darkthule "Apktoy Oryge" CD

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ARTIST: Darkthule
TITLE: Apktoy Oryge
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Dark Hidden Productions

Raw Hellenic Black Metal. Compilation of old stuff including the 7" EP's "Revolution of Souls" and "In the Sight of Dawn".
Tracks 1-2: Revolution Of Souls 7" EP. Blazing Productions, 2004
Tracks 3-4: In The Sight Of Dawn 7" EP. Christhunt Productions, 2005
Track 5: 3-Way split 7" EP with Frostkrieg & The Shadow Order. Darker Than Black, 2010
Track 6: Anti-Geldof Compilation. Supernal Music, 2005

1. Days Like Years
2. The Gospel of Heretic Scorn
3. The Greatness of Gods
4. In the Sight of Dawn...
5. Faith - Fist
6. Loyalty to Blood

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