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Demonic Temple "Chalice Of Nectar Darkness" CD

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ARTIST: Demonic Temple
Chalice Of Nectar Darkness
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Putrid Cult

Now back in stock! The first album by Poland's DEMONIC TEMPLE "Chalice of Nectar Darkness" which established the unique sound DEMONIC TEMPLE are known for in the form of grim and haunting occult drenched black metal. Slightly more primitive in their approach than on "Incrementum", "Chalice of Nectar Darkness" offers a raw and hypnotic atmosphere reminiscent of the early wave! A triumphant first album by these Polish occultists that purists will slice their wrists for!

1     I Rise from the Flames    
2     The Key to the Secrets Spells    
3     Chalice of Nectar Darkness    
4     I'm Obssessed    
5     Smell of Ancient Ritual    
6     Great Dedication of a Void

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