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Devourer of Light "Cosmic Death Illuminate" CASSETTE TAPE

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ARTIST: Devourer of Light
TITLE: Cosmic Death Illuminate
STYLE: Cult Blackened Death Metal
LABEL: Dawning Septic Productions

Limited to only 50 copies, Canada's Dawning Septic Productions has unleashed a weapon of the ancient gods that only a select few will actually get a chance to hold in their hands. This release seeps with the ectoplasmic ooze that drips from the multidimensional ether that is hiding away the ancient ones! On Cassette Tape which is the perfect format for this "old school" Death Metal that truly crawls from your speakers like the tentacles of the mighty Cthulhu. Dark and ominous doom laden death metal from Malaysia that is an honest representation of the term "Old School"!

1. Blackest force of the multiverse 05:26
2. Magnificent crypt of cosmic gods 08:08
3. Trance-like mass through astral blight 05:13
4. Endless black conjuration of cosmic graves 05:00

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