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Diabolic "Excisions Of Exorcisms" CD

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ARTIST: Diabolic
TITLE: Excisions Of Exorcisms
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Deathgasm Records

Floridian underground Death Metal brutality... Featuring Kelly of PESSIMIST on guitar. This album is not for trendy in today out tomorrow music listeners. This album is targeted towards long term Death Metal maniacs. For those of you who are in the know this is the most recent album from DIABOLIC. The band has slithered along over the years missing the exposure that some of the more prominent names from this area have received. "Excisions Of Exorcisms" is well produced (Juan Punchy Gonzales) and the songs grow on you with layered complexity with each listen. Brutal Satanic Death Metal! Underground as hell!

1. Excisions Of Exorcisms     3:54
2. Hellish World     4:03
3. Venomous Habitations     3:51
4. Evil In Disguise     3:30
5. Bloodwashed     3:56
6. False Belief     4:49
7. Entombed     2:46
8. Fragmented Kreation     5:17
9. Infernal Darkness     2:50

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