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Engorge "Demonic Omnipotent Barbarism" CD

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ARTIST: Engorge
TITLE: Demonic Omnipotent Barbarism
STYLE: Blackened Death Metal
LABEL: Eviscerated Records

We are proud to be the official distributor for the USA for ENGORGE. This band has been active within the deep underground for many years and deserve your support!
The third and most destructive album from ENGORGE. Ominous riffs that sound the apocalypse. A spiked fist to the face of all that is holy!

Recorded and mixed at drummer Jim Roe's Neanderthal Studio. The albums production let's the hatred flow to new levels. Bow to the NECROBLACKDEATHMACHINE!

1. Frozen Seed (Corax Ossuary) 4:48
2. Majestic Throne Of Blood (Deathbed Of Kali) 2:53
3. Corvus Tasmanicus 1:17
4. Slave To Thy Demon 5:01
5. Galgenstuhrm Portal Enigma 5:09
6. A Murder Of Crows 2:28
7. Labyrinth Of Purification 5:35
8. The Grackle (Corvus Macrorhynchos) 1:05
9. Incinerator 4:44
10. Corvus Mellori 1:05
11. Demonic Omnipotent Barbarism 1:59
12. The Fall Of A Sparrow 0:55
13. My Line Has Ended... 7:23

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