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Engorge "Demonic Omnipotent Barbarism" CD

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ARTIST: Engorge
TITLE: Demonic Omnipotent Barbarism
STYLE: Blackened Death Metal
LABEL: Eviscerated Records

The third and most destructive album from ENGORGE. Ominous riffs that sound the apocalypse. A spiked fist to the face of all that is holy! Recorded and mixed at drummer Jim Roe's (Incantation, Mausoleum) Neanderthal Studio.

1. Frozen Seed (Corax Ossuary) 4:48
2. Majestic Throne Of Blood (Deathbed Of Kali) 2:53
3. Corvus Tasmanicus 1:17
4. Slave To Thy Demon 5:01
5. Galgenstuhrm Portal Enigma 5:09
6. A Murder Of Crows 2:28
7. Labyrinth Of Purification 5:35
8. The Grackle (Corvus Macrorhynchos) 1:05
9. Incinerator 4:44
10. Corvus Mellori 1:05
11. Demonic Omnipotent Barbarism 1:59
12. The Fall Of A Sparrow 0:55
13. My Line Has Ended... 7:23

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