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Expunged "Expunged" MCD

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ARTIST: Expunged
TITLE: Expunged
STYLE: Death Metal

This band features our good friend Will from over at Dawning Septic Productions & Dead Soul Alliance on guitar. Canada does it again! A pummeling Death Metal EP that will keep you hooked from start to finish! - Lord Typhus
Released on vinyl by HELLS HEADBANGER'S and PRC Music Canada for the CD version.

Sick, rotten, coated in filth death metal surrounded by a sea of darkness... That basically describes the band's sound to a "T". This power trio from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) plays Scandinavian-influenced old school Metal in its vilest form... "clearly got a classic Death Metal Feel, but yet it's not regressive in any way. It's down tuned, sickened filth, closer to blackened or war than classic, and it comes on so fast you'll absolutely need to listen again. The glory of it is it's one of those albums that somehow sounds like it's a new song when it repeats, a standard to which few bands in the death metal underground can hold themselves. Expunged have the background, however, and unlike the rest they can reel you in with what appears classic bait but turns out to be just a goddamned huge hook that tears your lame cheek out. A perfect, quick chunk of what is hopefully a dirty future." - DEAF SPAWRROW

"Staunch and vicious, there is no denying that these guttural, tomb-opening, coffin-shakers hit with full throttle and such glorious groove that all Death Metal fans will be headbanging to this morbid dance macabre" - NATTSKOG

1 Disposed in Chaos and War     04:22
2 Melting Flesh     03:27
3 Putrefying Mind     04:28
4 Dark Age Crusade     05:28
5 Your Demise     04:21

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