DHR have been and official outlet for WINTER DELUGE here in the USA for the past year and after listening to their two releases many times I wanted to spotlight this excellent band from New Zealand.
The band has just signed with OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS!

Formed in Auckland, New Zealand 2005. Winter Deluge profoundly plays vicious and triumphant Black Metal which presents an aural strike upon mankind.

"Devolution - Decay" is the second album by WINTER DELUGE released on JEWEL CD. Slightly more sophisticated in their musical approach however similar in potency as their debut album "As The Earth Fades Into Obscurity". WINTER DELUGE unleash a war like style of Black Metal that is relentless while maintaining a memorable and intriguing atmosphere. Similar in approach to fellow countrymen DAWN OF AZAZEL or DIOCLETIAN and swirling within a violent almost ANGELCORPSE like feeling of intensity. WINTER DELUGE inject interesting guitar leads, sick blasts and a brutality into their music that is quite unique. An interesting hybrid band that will keep your attention. Grim while capturing a technical well produced and sinister sound. Please keep in mind other band names are used for descriptive purposes only! This band very interesting, original in approach to the genre and delivers a full on aural assault. Listen if you dare!