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Fenriz' Red Planet / Nattefrost "Engangsgrill" CD

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ARTIST: Fenriz / Nattefrost
TITLE: Engansgrill
STYLE: Nordic Viking Folk Doom Rock n' Roll, Black Metal
LABEL: Indie Recordings

Indie Recordings have released the side project of Fenriz' Red Planet and Nattefrost called "Engangsgrill". A split album from two icons of Black Metal - Fenriz and Nattefrost. Together they have teamed up for a rock ’n roll experience, exploring the borderline between black metal, doom and classic rock. It’s dark, gloomy and very back to basic. Even the fact that it is a split album takes us back to where it all begun. Fenriz presents 3 tracks of Isengard meets Black Sabbath with clean vocals. Nattefrost delivers raw black metal with the Carpathian Forest groove yet in it's purest and minimal form.

Side Nebulah
Fenriz' Red Planet     My Ship Sailed Without Me     5:47
Fenriz' Red Planet     Jon Carter, Man On Mars     5:52
Fenriz' Red Planet     Temple Of The Red Dawn Rising     7:21

Side Lustmord
Nattefrost     Nekronaut II Nekro Spirituals     5:36
Nattefrost     Uskyldighet     2:00
Nattefrost     Sin Goddammit     3:59
Nattefrost     Lustmord (Skulle Det Dukke Opp Flere Lik Er Det Bare Å Runke)     5:51
Nattefrost     Humiliated And Pissed Upon     2:31

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