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Gravespawn "Inexorable Grimness" CD

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ARTIST: Gravespawn
TITLE: Inexorable Grimness
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Symbol Of Domination / Vae Victus Productions

"Inexorable Grimness" from LA's GRAVESPAWN is a frenetic, fast paced EP of tastefully crafted Black Metal with a cold and brooding atmosphere. Recruiting LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH drummer Jackson Ferris to perform guest drums on the EP this is a band to keep your inner eye on...

1. Old Dragon's Domain     07:55      
2. Oath of the Annihilator     05:18      
3. Thy Gates Ablaze     06:24      
4. Between the Devouring Monstrosities     06:47      
5. Scribes of Forsaken Lore     06:31      

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