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Helcaraxe "The Last Battle" 12" LP (Purple Marbled Vinyl)

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ARTIST: Helcaraxe
TITLE: The Last Battle
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Promethean Burn Records / Dullest Records

"The Last Battle" offers layers of progressive, power and even black metal driven music over a thunderous foundation of modern death metal.

A1     The Old Blood Sings     7:35
A2     The Hunters     4:06
A3     Shadows Follow     3:52
A4     World Of Nightmares     2:30
A5     The Lion Throne     3:37
A6     Guardians     2:20
B1     I Ride To My Death     2:17
B2     Omens     1:12
B3     The Gathering Storm     4:51

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