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Hellborn "Pillage In the Land of God" CASSETTE TAPE

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ARTIST: Hellborn
TITLE: Pillage In the Land of God
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Dawning Septic Productions

Only one copy in stock! #40 of 50 copies!

Complimenting the older traditions of the later 80's to early 90's influenced death metal, Hellborn from Quebec, Canada proudly carry the banner of death in the world of today! A limited hand numbered edition on pro-tape! This also comes with a band logo sticker!

1 Feral Evil 3:54
2 Conclusion Of Existence 3:23
3 Succumb To Flesh 5:24
4 Proclamation Of Doom 4:22
5 Hell Whispers 2:03
6 Fervent Blasphemies 4:01
7 Hellborn 3:27
8 Pillage In The Land Of God 3:30

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