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Kafirun "The Worship And Glorification of Holy Death" CD

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ARTIST: Kafirun
TITLE: The Worship And Glorification of Holy Death
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Mara Records

"Death of the cosmic light and everything within, a dark passage that consumes all manifested energy in the universe.
Death becomes the last witness of life. Death of microcosm within macrocosm. Absolute silence and nothingness. Death of the self and all reason.
In this moment which is eternal yet transitory, a new and pure energy grows within the womb of chaos, and that ignites the source of a new aeon.
A flame needless of air to exist. A new true god that breeds its new self, purified and sanctified in chaos without an end nor a beginning"

40 minutes of crushing and excellent black metal from British Columbia, Canada!
Heavily influenced by old Norwegian black metal scene, yet with a strong touch of their own unique force.
First Mara Records release. Released in a CD format. Comes with jewelbox and 8-page booklet with all lyrics.

Death Worship 
01 Beyond The Flesh Vessel  
02 Killer Of All Man  
03 Thousand Spears

Glorification Of Holy Death 
04 Wings Of Malevolence  
05 Salvation Through Sin  
06 Destruction Of The Divine Self  
07 Chaos Magnum Opus  
08 Open Veins

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