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Legions Of Iron & Steel "Angel Dust Records Compilation Vol. 1" CD

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Legions Of Iron & Steel
TITLE: Angel Dust Records Compilation Vol. 1
STYLE: Black Metal, Death Metal
LABEL: Angel Dust Records

Released by Angel Dust Records on CD in 1996 limited to 1000 copies. The last remaining copies are exclusive to the Dark Horizon Records web store.

This Compilation CD was compiled in 1995 by Rob Yench and Andy Newton and released in 1996 under the moniker of ANGEL DUST RECORDS. This is the second project the two worked together on as executive producers for their record label / distribution they formed in 1994. This compilation featured Black and Death Metal bands the two were in contact with or involved in from the underground tape trading scene of the time. Notice there are legendary names on this list! Some well known and others who have fallen into obscurity. An excellent representation of the organic underground metal scene of the time.

- Andy Newton aka Lord Typhus owner of DHR was co-executive producer for this compilation which features three bands that Andy aka Typhus was a recording session / live artist. *Notes the bands Lord Typhus was a part of.

1 Incantation - Ethereal Misery    
2 Brimstone - What Rides The Wind Must Be Slain (Members of Typhus & Morpheus Descends)* 
3 Windir - Morkets Fyste .. The Sovereign Of Darkness    
4 Morpheus Descends - Valley Of Undead War*
5 Subconscious - Vituperative Outer Digestion (Members of Typhus & Fog)*
6 Det Hedenske Folk - Reverse The Time To Old (Member of Immortal)
7 Gates Of Ishtar - Where Minds Of Darkness Blow    
8 Maniac Butcher - Poslednihitua.. The Last Battle    
9 Sorath - Son Of Darkness    
10 Funeral Pyre - Celtic Sun    
11 Dawn - Trespass Infinity   
12 Tormentor - Elizabeth Bathory (Attila Csihar of Mayhem)
13 Black Funeral - Spectral Agony Of Pain And Loneliness    
14 Werewolf - Nightrider

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