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MGLA "Age of Excuse" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)

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TITLE: Age of Excuse
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Northern Heritage / No Solace

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The fourth full-length album of MGLA "Age of Excuse" on LP format is back in stock now! Granting us 6 songs with 42 total running minutes of bleak, gritty black metal! An absolute gem of an album! Moving forward MGLA does not loose one bit of potency with their new album "Age Of Excuse". Ever growing in in sonic dynamics as well as with lyrical intellect with a solid message. Another chapter in their book of secret scriptures filled with the social theological enlightenment only MGLA offer. A shining beacon to all those with the perception to grasp their message.

After listening to "AGE OF EXCUSE" many times over the past few months, letting each track absorb slowly into my mind, I stand behind my statement that with absolute certainty this album is truly excellent and firmly confirms MGLA's position among bands to be remembered from the current era of Black Metal! MGLA has maintained the level of musical and lyrical potency set forth by the last album "EXERCISES IN FUTILITY". However, "AGE OF EXCUSE" musically has matured ever so slightly like a fine wine, good scotch or aged cigar. "AGE OF EXCUSE" resonates trance like black metal vibrations setting the perfect atmosphere to feed your consciousness with the lyrical depth, complexity, nihilist theology and absolute truth this album so excellently delivers. Relevant, orthodox and extremely profound. A great record that will be remembered!
Prepared to be enlightened! ~Lord Typhus (DHR Label Manager)

1. Age of Excuse I 07:29
2. Age of Excuse II 06:57
3. Age of Excuse III 06:16

4. Age of Excuse IV 05:36
5. Age of Excuse V 07:00
6. Age of Excuse VI 09:06

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