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May Result / The Stone "Live Curse From The East" DVD

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ARTIST: May Result / The Stone
TITLE: Live Curse From The East
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Pagan Flames

May Result "Live in Romania, Transilvania 2003":
1. Oganj
2. Slava To Our Horns In Blood
3. My Martyred Soul
4. Kultus Usnulih Bogova
5. Stars Hysteria
6. Jata Moja Crna
7. A Witch Is Born (Gehenna Cover)
9. Video clip for "Slava To Our Horns In Blood"

The Stone "Live at Open Hell, Czech Republic 2003":
1. Za Kosti Otaca
2. Tragom Hromoga Vuka
3. Ustaj Mati Zemljo
4. Privi??enja
5. Serbian Woods
6. Za Korak Paklu Bliヒ???ヒ?マ?e
7. Unveiled Evil

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