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Merrimack "Omegafilia" 12" GATEFOLD LP (Transparent Red Vinyl)

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ARTIST: Merrimack
TITLE: Omegaphilia
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Season Of Mist

Transparent Red Vinyl Limited to 100 Copies!

French black metal heretics MERRIMACK return with 'Omegaphilia', their latest salvo of blasphemous brutality. Five years in the making, and honed over 20 years of devilish devotion to the dark arts, 'Omegaphilia' sees these Parisian black metal traditionalists further refine their already formidable attack. While other black metal bands fall off or grow soft with age, the blistering 'Omegaphilia' sees MERRIMACK continue to sharpen their blades.

A1 Cauterizing Cosmos     6:29
A2 The Falsified Son     4:54
A3 Apophatic Weaponry     6:24
A4 Gutters Of Pain     4:03
B1 Sights In The Abysmal Lure     5:21
B2 Cesspool Coronation     7:30
B3 At The Vanguard Of Deception     9:07

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