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Mgla "Exercises In Futility" CD

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TITLE: Exercises In Futility
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Northern Heritage / No Solace

"Exercises in futility" the third full-length album by Poland's Mgla is one of the most relevant orthodox black metal releases of the current Black Metal circles. Released by Northern Heritage / No Solace and distributed in the USA by DHR. "Exercises In Futility" explores a dark philosophical approach tearing into the psychology of life experience as well as the madness and illogical doctrine of christianity...

From the opening lyrics to the last this thought provoking and extremely enlightening album will keep you enthralled with actually reading the lyrics, thinking deeply and playing it over and over again!  As always with MGLA you will loose yourself in their haunting, atmospheric and captivating take on the genre! MGLA are truly one of the best!

"The great truth is there isn't one
And it only gets worse since that conclusion
The irony of being an extension to nothing
And the force of inertia is now a vital factor
And there is despair underneath each and every action
Each and every attempt to pierce the armour of numbness
Burning bridges becomes a habit to support
And the front line expands like there's no tomorrow".

I 7:58 
II 7:48 
III 4:37 
IV 4:45 
V 8:15 
VI 8:49

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