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Mgla "With Hearts Toward None" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)

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TITLE: With Hearts Toward None
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Northern Heritage / No Solace

New vinyl edition of With Hearts Toward None album! Properly mastered for vinyl format which sounds better than old versions. Visually similar to previous pressing...
The second full length album from MGLA. More focused and refined than the early EP's and first album. "With Hearts Toward None" established the direction of what was to become the current sound of MGLA. The songs are saturated with a melancholy and hypnotic atmosphere. Lyrically this album is deep, complex, immersive and thought provoking as like all other MGLA material. Another stellar album by this absolute gem of a band from Poland!

I 5:07 
II 4:34 
III 7:57 
IV 5:48 
V 5:27 
VI 4:50 
VII 10:01

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