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Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra "Midnight Fullmoon" LEATHERETTE DIGIBOOK CD

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ARTIST: Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra
TITLE: Midnight Fullmoon
STYLE: Black Metal, Thrash, Neofolk
LABEL: Archivist Records / Musical Hall

First time on CD! Released as leatherette digibook with bronze hotstamp logo. Limited to 1000 copies! Nokturnal Mortum side project! Total Cult!

1 Awakening of the Secrets of the Dreaming Woods     11:36
2 Raining Darkness of the Forestland Midnight     06:10
3 Dracul - The Triumph of the Blooded Moon     05:00
4 By the Wisdom Roots of a Sorsery     06:42
5 Algol's Black Lights     06:51
6 The Last Rays of a Dying Sun     01:31
7 The Majestic Flight Above the B.G C.S of the Ancient Oriana Land     08:29

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