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Mortiis "Reisene Til Grotter Og Odenarker" A5 DIGIBOOK DVD

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ARTIST: Mortiis
TITLE: Reisene Til Grotter Og Odenarker
STYLE: Ambient Dungeon Synth
LABEL: Archivist Records / Musical Hall

Released as Deluxe Hardcover DVD with cult video from 1997 including rare exclusive photos. First time ever on DVD. This is the perfect format to rediscover this legendary Norwegian Ambient Dungeon Synth Music. Starting his career as bass player in Norwegian black metal band Emperor, Mortiis eventually left to pursue his solo career. Abandoning heavy metal music, he dedicated himself to compose eerie and melancholic dark ambient soundtracks.

1. Reisene Til Grotter Og �demarker     24:30

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