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THE CONVIVIAL HERMIT Issue #8 features 148 pro-printed pages total with 27 EXCLUSIVE interviews with ABJECTION RITUAL, ATHOR, BAL SAGOTH, BETHLEHEM, BLASPHERIAN, DARKENHOLD, DER BLUTHARSCH, DETERIORATE, FALGAR, GLIMMER ROOM, GODKILLER, HJARNIDAUDI, IMAGO MORTIS, KRYNITZA, LIFEBLOOD, MALPHAS, MARE COGNITUM, MELKOR, NOLTEM, PICTURE ANN, RUDE, SANGRE DE MUERDAGO, SYRGDR SKOGR, T.O.M.B., WAXEN, WOMAN IS THE EARTH, ZUD and ZURIAAKE. Also included are 8 articles/specials, 9 concert reports, an exclusive comic and 24 pages of reviews as well as an 8 page insert with added reviews and an interview that did not make it into the printed magazine.

The magazine is not dead! Pick one up and discover a band or label you have never been exposed to! Well written with very informative articles! One of the best current and relevant underground zines!

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