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Natassievila "Iter Lethalis" CD

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ARTIST: Natassievila
TITLE: Iter Lethalis
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Dark Horizon Recods

NATASSIEVILA have unleashed the blistering and important album "ITER LETHALIS". As their name states in reverse speech "ALIVE IS SATAN" and they have forged a weapon of furious, hateful and sinister music. NATASSIEVILA lurk hidden in the dark shadows in very close proximity to the Vatican as our weapon to attack the false prophets dogma of blasphemy! We will destroy their Churches, Synagogues and Mosques to bring the philosophy of SATAN to their Children. Yes NATASSIEVILA shine like the fall of the morning star. Honest and pure Black Metal!

01 Spectre's Realm
02 Journey To The World Of Shadows
03 Near Death...
04 Beyond Earthly Life
05 The Cosmic Rule
06 Torture Of The Soul

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