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Nechochwen "Algonkian Mythos" CD

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ARTIST: Nechochwen
TITLE: Algonkian Mythos
STYLE: Native American Heritage Inspired Classical Guitar Neo-Folk
LABEL: Dark Horizon Records

ALGONKIAN MYTHOS the debut album from NECHOCHWEN is modern Native American Dark Neo-Folk acoustic music. The album consists of ten tracks that focus on real people and real events involving Eastern Woodland Indian tribes in eighteenth century America. While some may categorize this as relaxing neo-folk music the listener might occasionally smell wood smoke and feel that someone is pointing a flintlock to his head while listening to it. Acoustic and classical guitars blend with chants and percussion to create a morose and aggressive new sound in dark classical music.

The Monumental album ALGONKIAN MYTHOS is a dedication to the Native American roots and heritage of NECHOCHWEN. The listener will embark on an illuminating journey of the soul set to an epic soundtrack of glorious classical neo folk. Each song portrays and emanates a somber soul wrenching story that will induce self reflection...

"These songs are about things that actually happened to real people, horrifically sad and gut-wrenching things that, if understood, are just as brutal as the rest of your roster". ~Nechochwen

"Algonkian Mythos" is an outgrowth of my own quest to find my roots. Family stories of my Native ancestors led me to investigate history books, historical narratives, and genealogical resources. Indeed these relatives were American Indians, but their tribal affiliations seemed to be assimilated along with many of their ways of life. (Fortunately, I have had a lot of my questions answered in the ten years since I recorded this album). Their blood now flows in my veins, constantly urging me to seek earth wisdom. This journey officially began when I was 15, when a friend gave me the Lenni Lenape name Nechochwen, which means "He who walks alone". It was only natural that the mythos of the Eastern Woodland Indians of which I was learning would manifest itself through my other passion, music. There is no central theme to Algonkian Mythos; it is just my attempt to paint musical scenes of Native events that inspire, anger, or sadden me. I hope it somehow will transport you to another time and place." ~Nechochwen

01 A Blistering Fusilade
02 Fallen Timbers
03 Algonkian Mythos
04 Coffin of the Flesh
05 Talgayeeta
06 Gnadenhutten
07 Cut-at-ho-tha
08 Pilawah
09 Nilu-famu
10 West Across the Missi-theepi

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