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One Master "The Quiet Eye of Eternity" LP (Black Vinyl)

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ARTIST: One Master
TITLE: The Quiet Eye of Eternity
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Eternal Death

Black vinyl version of 2013 album.
One Master are rising towards the elite tier of US Black Metal occupied by bands such as Nightbringer or Leviathan. True Black Metal in it's purest form!

It essentially walks a fine line between being old school and being original, successfully capturing the necessary nuances between substance and style that separates a good Black Metal album from being either a monotonous pile of noise or a disjointed merging of clashing styles. Those who want a good USBM album in a fairly similar tradition as that of JUDAS ISCARIOT will definitely want to look into this." - Metal Observer

A1. At The Hour Of Saturn     7:28
A2. A Cursed And Dismal Mind     8:49
B1. Intolerance     5:43
B2. Infernal Silence     7:32
B3. Reclusive Blasphemy     6:37

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