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Planet Gemeni "The Midnight Channel" CD

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ARTIST: Planet Gemeni
TITLE: The Midnight Channel
STYLE: Doom Heavy Metal
LABEL: Barbarian Wrath

This bands name should ring a few bells, "The Midnight Channel is their 8th physical album after "SuperGod[T]DevilMan", "Wizard's Blood" and "Wicked". What we get here is New England doom mixed with lot's of classic 80s Metal. Songs like "Trinity" or "The Serpent In the Garden", though considerably more heavy than Ozzy, give you this feeling of desperate insanity that made albums like "Diary Of A Madman" so special. Released in February 2016.

1. A Velvet Touch     2:07
2. The Midnight Channel     5:55
3. Trinity     7:59
4. Second Savior     5:13
5. Welcome     2:15
6. I, Believe     4:14
7. The Wheel Of Time     5:14
8. The Serpent In The Garden     4:00
9. Blood Of Angels     6:54
10. As If By Magic     9:53

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