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Sentinel Records Presents "In Unison" DOUBLE CD

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Sentinel Records Presents "In Unison" DOUBLE CD
STYLE: Death Black Pagan Metal (19 of the Best Irish Metal Bands)
LABEL: Sentinal Records

FEATURED BANDS: Arcan Sun, Mourning Beloveth, Abaddon Incarnate, Desolate, Hexxed, Lunar Gate, Moonfog, Mephitis Inhumane, Primal Dawn, Kingdom, Waylander, Mael Morda, Scald, Karnayna, Primordial, Geasa, Cruachan, Morphosis.

The definitive guide to the Irish Metal scene! Double CD compilation with 19 Irishbands. Includes previously unreleased material, classic album and demo tracks. Designed by Stephen O� Malley and mastered by Stuart Anstis. Abaddon Incarnate, Arcane Sun, Scald, Mephitis, Morphosis, Cruachan, Mourning Beloveth, Lunar Gate, Karnayna, Primordial, Geasa, Primal Dawn, Mael Mordha, Moonfog, Hexxed, Inhumane, Desolate, Kingdom & Waylander.

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