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Slowly We Rot Magazine #4

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SLOWLY WE ROT #4 / 2013

64 pages, A4 format, glossy paper, professional print

- featuring interviews with: Cancer, Lifeless, Birth AD, Repulsion, Angerseed, Bethlehem, Carnal Ghoul / Decayed / Desaster / Metalucifer / Trinitas, Ultra Violence, Mortuorial Eclipse and Romanian Thrash Metal Club

- more than 150 audio and zine reviews

- the usual Rising Demons section (interviews with upcoming promising acts: Barzakh, Blood Tribe, BloodOath, Frigoris, I Am The Trireme, Inverticrux, Motor, Nekrodeus, Valinor and Walking Dead Suicide)

- Merchants of Death section (interviews with Extreme Metal labels: Glorious North, Hellprod, Infinite Regress and Katoptron IX)

- Romanian Attack (reviews of the latest Romanian Extreme Metal releases). 

Slowly We Rot #4 comes together with a free Extreme Metal compilation CD featuring: Motor, Inverticrux, Bloodington, BloodOath, Blood Tribe, My Funeral, Valinor, Wall Of The Eyeless, Walking Dead Suicide, United By Hate, Fumigation, Garden Of Grief, Frigoris, I Am The Trireme, Sawhill Sacrifice and Path Ov Amok.

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