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The Convivial Hermit Issue 7

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The Convivial Hermit Issue 7 (Limited Copies In Stock)

Issue #7 is now available! It features 136 pro-printed pages with color covers and 30 exclusive, lengthy interviews with ANCESTORS BLOOD, ANGIZIA, ANNWFYN, ASBAAR, CANAAN, CATAPLEXY, DPERD, DRACO HYPNALIS, ECTOVOID, EMPYRIUM, FAUNA, FUNERAL MOTH, GOLDEN DAWN, HUMILIATION, ISVIND, KAWIR, MANES, MH�NOS, NASHEIM, PAGAN BLOOD, RAFLUM, ROTTING CHRIST, SACRATUS, STENCH OF DECAY, SUMMONING, UNDERGANG, VELM, WANGELEN, WOODLAND CHOIR, and WORM OUROBOROS. Also included are articles on Summoning Clones, the Underground Spectrum, Natural Reflections, Censorship In Magazines, tributes to Holy Records, In The Woods and Moaning Wind, travel reports and reviews of two live concerts. There are 28 pages of album and magazine reviews (over 100 reviews), and the usual exclusive photos and art.

The magazine is not dead! Pick one up and discover a band or label you have never been exposed to! Well written with very informative articles! One of the best current underground zines!

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