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The Convivial Hermit Issue #9

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Support the underground by supporting DHR and THE CONVIVIAL HERMIT MAGAZINE! As long time readers and supporters DHR are now proud to offer as an official outlet the 9th issue by this long running US Based Metal Magazine! Back Issues also available...

The NINTH strike of The Convivial Hermit Magazine is now available!

FREE 11x17 The Convivial Hermit POSTER & BONUS 9.1 8-page booklet with first 10 orders made here at DHR! + Free Stickers from DHR!

120 pages B&W, 8 1/2 x 11 inch (21.59 x 27.94 cm) perfect bound flat spine, gloss color cover.

EXCLUSIVE (22) interviews with the following artists/persons:

IGNI (New Zealand) - SAÅAD (France) - NELECC (Kenya) - LISIEUX (France) - WIGRID (Deutschland) - IESCHURE (Ukraine) - TYRANNY (China) - LA BREICHE (France) - POLUVRAK (Bulgaria) - OLD TOWER (Netherlands) - DEHN SORA (France) - KOSMOGYR (USA/China) - THE PRIMITIVE (USA) - SICKLE OF DUST (Russia) - OFFICIUM TRISTE (Netherlands) - INFERNAL CURSE (Argentina) - YANN GOURDON (France) - PUTREFIED REMAINS (Malaysia) - PARAGON RECORDS (USA) - SUNSHINE & LOLLIPOPS (Deutschland) - SAINTE MARIE DES LOUPS (France) - ORNAMENTOS DEL MIEDO (Spain)

6 Articles including...

*Most Extreme Albums

*Forest Trail Etiquette

*Thoughts on the Hermit Kingdom

*Nationalism In the Metal Scene

*In Defense of Blasphemy

*Reject The Mass

+ Deicide concert report

+ Film, Book and Music reviews

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