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The Devil's Notebook "Wisdom, Humor And Dark Observations of Anton Szandor Lavey" BOOK

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TITLE: The Devil's Notebook
AUTHOR: Anton LaVey
PUBLISHER: Feral House
FORMAT: Paperback
PAGES: 147
YEAR: 1992

As any Satanist can tell you, LaVey was a man full of biting wit, iconoclastic insight and, above all, a most astute and adroit observer of human folly and misinterpretation, himself being subjected to the latter more than anyone in recent memory. In this book, published after two decades of inactivity (to the world of print), LaVey sheds light on many interesting topics, bringing his usual dose of sardonic humor to the printed page. A particular essay comes to mind when I think of this book- it's called "Hatha Toilet Seat Meditaion," and if it doesn't solicit laughter from you, nothing will. For those of you who are familiar with it, I'm certain you're grinning right now. For those who aren't, read the book and find out why. Other essays focus on some pretty forbiding topics, and the level of candor expressed by LaVey never lets us forget that while the media may have portrayed him as several things- none of which were especially flattering- we will continue to respect him for the insight he shared with us, remembering the first time we read the "Satanic Bible," a book that for many of us described the thoughts we'd always thought, but never knew anyone else did. So, when you read this book, say to yourself with a sigh of gratification, "Hail Satan!"

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