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The Lurking Corpses "23 Tales Of Terror" CD

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ARTIST: The Lurking Corpses
TITLE: 23 Tales of Terror
STYLE: Horror Punk Thrash Metal
LABEL: Creature Feature Productions

2003 Release. First pressing on Shane Von Ghoul's label Creature Feature Productions.

01. Come To My Castle
02. When Your Body Dies
03. Fear The Wolf
04. Meet Me In The Graveyard
05. Amy
06. The Killer Is Near
07. Zombies (Across The Hill)
08. Freaky Demon
09. Horror Geek
10. Ghoulita Is Out Tonight
11. Into The Slaughterhouse
12. March of The Lurking Corpses
13. We Want Your Blood
14. Bleed For Satan
15. Hunger Fiend
16. Mummy Cum
17. Werewolf Bitch
18. Sweet Lycanthropy
19. Bucket of Flesh
20. She Will Never Come Home
21. Shakin' It
22. Zombie Bitch In Heat
23. The Witch's Cunt

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