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The Meads Of Asphodel / Tjolgtjar "Taste The Devine Wrath" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)

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ARTIST: The Meads Of Asphodel / Tjolgtjar
TITLE: Taste The Devine Wrath
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Eternal Death

A split release from two of the most unorthodox bands in black metal.

"what could be [one of] the most compelling splits of the decade." - Invisible Oranges

"Fans of idiosyncratic black metal should be rubbing their hands in anticipation over Taste the Divine Wrath." - No Clean Singing

"Taste The Divine Wrath was always expected to go down as one of the more challenging, creative releases under the broad spectrum of black metal in 2015, and thatï¾’s exactly how it turned out to be. To say that such progressive, forward-thinking music is what was expected is to sell both The Meads Of Asphodel and Tjolgtjar short, as their willingness to take creative risks is worthy of praise; even more so considering how successful they mostly are. Hardly straight-forward and simple, but then, most worthwhile art never is." - The Sound Not the Word

1. The Meads of Asphodel - An Ebullient Prelude to A Loathsomely Grim End 00:43
2. The Meads of Asphodel - Chidiock Tichborne 03:54
3. The Meads of Asphodel - You've Got the Hate 02:44
4. The Meads of Asphodel - Balthasar Gerard 04:23
5. The Meads of Asphodel - Infidel 04:33
6. Tjolgtjar - Interlude A 00:23
7. Tjolgtjar - The Fifth Mass and Her Works 03:25
8. Tjolgtjar - Near You Always 02:52
9. Tjolgtjar - Interlude B 02:16
10. Tjolgtjar - A Goat in the Wood 02:35
11. Tjolgtjar - Interlude C 00:15
12. Tjolgtjar - Winter Research 03:38
13. Tjolgtjar - Interlude D 02:25

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