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Urgehal "Atomkinder" CD

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ARTIST: Urgehal
TITLE: Atomkinder
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Agonia Records

Jewel CD Version
Missed by many, Atomkinder - the third album by the Nowregian horde Urgehal -  is not less potent than the band's breakthrough releases Through Thick Fog Till Death and Goatcraft Torment. Over half an hour of familiar, orthodox yet uncompromising second wave black metal, carry the same energy and attitude that made a name for the band in the underground circles of extreme music. Urgehal's vision of black metal remains monochromatic, apoplectic and unforgivably fast, with a dose of death metal tendencies. Bad luck or bad marketing have currently turned this release a true gem in the group's history, tracing back to 1992.

Re-release of Urgehal's classic 3rd album with original cover artwork and the most effective line-up consisting of Trondr Nefas, Enzifer and Uruz.

1. Atomkinder
2. Nocturnal Revelation
3. Through the Grace of Hell
4. Nyx
5. Ripping Corpse
6. Antichrist
7. Bleed Suffer Die

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