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Vinterriket "Horizontmelancholie" DIGI CD / DVD

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ARTIST: Vinterriket
STYLE: Dark Folk Ambient Black Metal
LABEL: Heimatfolk

We recommend this album to all Vinterriket fans and all fans of dark folk ambient music. It is released in a dual format disc: one side is the CD and the other side a DVD with video-clips for all the songs of the album! The clips are more like slideshows of pictures and small videos with black & white dark landscapes and it�s actually the visual presentation of what this music brings in mind. The CD is released by Heimatfolk in a beautiful digipak with the classic Vinterriket artwork (black/white nature photography) in a 16 page booklet.

A1 Schattenger�usche     5:02
A2 Durch Die Weiten Der Landschaft     8:21
A3 Herbstreich     8:40
A4 Irrlichterscheinung     8:43
A5 Bergtal     8:16
A6 Wogen Des Firmamentes     8:41
A7 Waldkult     8:17
B1 Schattenger�usche     5:29
B2 Durch Die Weiten Der Landschaft     8:41
B3 Herbstreich     9:00
B4 Irrlichterscheinung     9:03
B5 Bergtal     8:36
B6 Wogen Des Firmamentes     9:03
B7 Waldkult     8:35
B8 Horizontmelancholie     1:27

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