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Virus "Carheart" DIGI CD

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TITLE: Carheart
STYLE: Psychedelic Rock, Avantgarde Metal, Experimental
LABEL: Duplicate Records

The outlandish threesome's debut originally released on CD by Jester Records in 2003 and later on vinyl by Duplicate in 2009. Carheart remains a fan favorite with its unheard of mixture of Czral's trademark dissonant riffs and alien vocals, Plenum's rollercoaster-gone-bad bass excursions and Einz' infectious grooves. All seasoned with a healthy dose of Monty Python'esque imagery and absurd darkness.

"...with their debut, Virus set a whole new musical car-heart into function, strong enough to simultaneously incorporate influences from the avant-garde spectrum of extreme metal and rock and to live up to the most demanding expectations from today’s avant-garde rock/metal scene." sputnikmusic.com

Limited edition of 300, digipack CD, including the 2000 demo as bonus.

1 Something Furry This Way Comes     1:36
2 Carheart     3:56
3 Queen Of The Hi-Ace     4:15
4 Road     5:44
5 Gum, Meet Mother     5:00
6 Dogs With Wheels     1:33
7 It's All Gone Weird     5:39
8 Kennel Crash Recovery     2:30
9 Hustler     5:19
10 Bandit     4:32
11 Be Elevator     8:49

Demo 2000 Bonus Tracks
12 It's All Gone Weird     7:10
13 Carheart     4:54
14 Gum, Meet Mother     4:58
15 Sex & Violence     6:34

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